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The following message comes from our delegation to General and Jurisdictional Conference 2020.

Greetings on behalf of the Kentucky Annual Conference,

As your Kentucky Conference delegation to General and Jurisdictional Conference 2020 we will be sending out information regarding legislation and plans for the future of the UMC as it becomes available to us.   There are many plans being put forth.   As you will see, several of the plans we have received indicate the desire for the formation of new denominations or separate factions within the larger UMC.  We do not know what form or shape the UMC will take following General Conference 2020, but we do know that each of these plans will go through strenuous revisions before anything final is passed.  We ask for your continued prayers and patience as we continue to learn and discern all of this.  The main plans we are aware of, and have begun discussing, are (in no particular order):


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